About the Author

Peggy Salvatore

I have been working in health policy for 20 years, business writing and journalism before that. In the mid-90s, a few large projects in Medicare, Medicaid, HIPAA and other health policy issues kept me busy well into the year 2000. The work was so fascinating that I have remained engaged in watching how the health system is unfolding and, particularly, how technology is evolving. It was my belief in 1997 when I worked on some original HIPAA projects, and it remains today, that technology holds twin keys to unlocking better patient care and lower costs.

Sometime after my total immersion in health IT and patient privacy, I worked for a decade writing training on how the health system operates. From that perch, I gained the perspective that effective education of providers, patients, payers and administrators is essential to moving us along the path to smooth uptake and implementation of health technology. Good training is, after all, just communication seeking a change in knowledge, skills and attitudes.

I write and maintain this website as an outgrowth of my passion for what can be.

My Writing and Training Business

I am a healthcare and business writer, trainer and instructor under my business, Health Business Communications.

Working with SMEs

My first book was released in January 2015, Working with SMEs: A guide to Gathering and Organizing Content from Subject Matter Experts. I am available to speak and teach a half day class on this topic.

U-Turn Leadership

I am just putting the finishing touches on my next book, U-Turn Leadership, which will also be available as a 10 week program of two-hour classes designed for academia or tailored to corporations.

In addition, I am always available for writing projects both short and sweet, and long and complicated!

www.healthbusinesscommunications.com – general website

www.workingwithsmes.com – training website and blog


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