A Presidential Politics-free Health Wonk Review

Okay, people, it’s safe to come out now. Jaan Sidorov of The Population Health Blog has delivered a presidential-politics free edition of Health Wonk Review.

I’m hosting the next edition in two weeks, so this may be a short reprieve. Enjoy it!

For those who just can’t get enough of Health Wonk Review, we have great news. You can now enjoy some of the regulars live online every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Eastern on Blab. That’s right. We’ve started a weekly Blab confab. If you don’t know Blab, it is audio and video conversation where anyone can log in with a Twitter account and participate. You just need to download the Blab app to join the conversation.

Here’s the official press release from the head office:

Please join us for a new multimedia experience (video conversation and text chat), Health Wonk Review On Air With HealthBlawg next Tuesday, April 12, at 1 pm ET for half an hour. It’s a Blab; you’ll need a Twitter account to sign up and log in. Join us live, or watch the replay here later if you can’t make it.






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