Join us at ePharma Summit 2016 in New York City Next Month

By Peggy Salvatore MBA

For the next two months, Health System Ed will be blogging about the ePharma Summit 2016 that will be held in NYC from February 29 to March2. Check out the conference details here. With my background writing pharmaceutical sales training and marketing materials, coupled with my enthusiasm for the promise of technology to advance healthcare, the ePharma Summit is a natural fit.

For the past 15 years, the ePharma Summit brought together pharmaceutical companies, marketing consultants and digital gurus to explore the potential for harnessing data and technology to meet the needs of patients, providers and payers. In just the last year, the health tech revolution is fully raging and so this year promises to be a benchmark year for discussions and concepts to bring pharmaceutical strategy fully in line with technological capabilities.

In fact, last year one speaker noted that the trend toward complete integration of technology into pharmaceutical marketing portended that ePharma could drop the words “digital strategy” from its tagline now that all strategy has a strong digital component.

We are going to explore the kinds of pharmaceutical products and services delivered in a digital format that would enhance healthcare

Using technology:

  • How can pharma better deliver disease state information?
  • What is the best format for product information?
  • How can we better support payment and reimbursement?
  • How can we improve patient assistance programs?
  • What kinds of programs will help support the value proposition for the coming wave of outcomes-based payments for your ACO?
  • In general, what ways can pharma strengthen its partnership with payers, providers and patients utilizing digital assets and social media?

Pharmaceutical marketing, like all great marketing, is a two-way conversation. Pharmaceutical companies have the ability to leverage technology, social media, virtual worlds and web, video and audio assets to increase patient access to care, reduce the cost of care, and boost provider productivity and quality.

At the ePharma Summit, people who can initiate those changes will be kicking around ideas like these. Do these challenges speak to your concerns? Tell us in the comment section below.


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