Lean Implementation is a Priority on Hospitals’ 2014 To-Do Lists

HealthLeader’s  Media Intelligence released its annual hospital survey that showed fully 50% of hospitals are now taking a very serious look at “continuous improvement techniques such as Lean”.

Just what is it about Lean that attracts hospitals? Their interest is driven largely by the #1 response to the survey, “patient experience improvements”.

Hospitals that are on the Lean path have discovered that well-designed processes lead to improved performance because the patient remains at the center of care. How? It’s a virtuous cycle.

1. Lean implementations drive process improvements by involving people as close to the work as possible in making changes in the workplace.

2. Lean value stream mapping helps employees find the shortest distance between two points to identify excess movement, materials and people that are better utilized elsewhere.

3. Squeezing the waste out of a process using Lean tools and techniques leads to greater efficiency and lower cost.

4. Greater efficiency and lower cost results in greater patient experiences.

You’ll see it in improved patient satisfaction scores. Guaranteed.

Next week: New leadership at HHS and ONC: What does it mean for the future?


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