Never-Ending Summer of Healthcare Legislation from Health Wonk Review

Yesterday was an eventful day in the health policy world with a Medicare for All bill and Graham-Cassidy both being introduced almost simultaneously … but despite this, Louise Norris was still managed to compile The Neverending Summer of Healthcare Legislation Edition of the Health Wonk Review at Colorado Health Insurance Insider.

Louise says:

Throughout 2017, nearly every week has seemed like a very big deal for health care reform. But this week is especially noteworthy, with  bipartisan efforts to stabilize the individual insurance markets (cough… fund CSRs… cough), along with not one, but two major pieces of legislation unveiled on Wednesday: Senator Sanders’ single-payer bill (which garnered 16 co-sponsors, up from zero when he introduced single-payer legislation in 2015), and Senators Lindsey Graham, Bill Cassidy, Dean Heller and Ron Johnson’s ACA repeal/replace bill. To say it’s a whirlwind in the health care reform sphere would be a bit of an understatement.

healthcareAnd yet, there is more to healthcare and healthcare reform than the merry-go-round of federal legislation, as evidenced by the wide range of topics covered by our health wonks in this edition.


Here’s a link to this week’s full edition:

Thanks much for hosting a great edition, Louise!


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