“Shake The Winter Blahs” Latest Health Wonk Review

Wow! This winter edition is Health Wonk Review is HOT, HOT, HOT! Would melt any polar vortex. Vince Kuraitis at e-Care Management Blog curates this week’s offerings. Check out the first entry, as Vince starts out with Princeton Prof Uwe Reinhardt’s explanation why Americans aren’t stupid, as Professor Gruber would have us beleive, but rather they’re “ignorant.” The good Professor then parses the difference and takes us to school on tax policy. It is a must read, if for no other reason than he ends with a passage from Alexis de Toqueville. Then, when you’ve caught your breath, burn through the rest of these entries to increase your molecular activity.

Go here, enjoy and stay warm. See you in two weeks!


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